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Girl rapes a boy

August 25, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Outdoor Sex

After late music classes, the girl passes by the school playground where she sees the little gate open and the new Indian boy rubbing his cock through his pants in the small swing. She stops and stares at the young boy and all of a sudden her nipples turn hard and her pussy wets as she watches him jerking off under the moonlight. As she knows that it’s just the two of them left at this late hour she goes to the swing next to him and sits slowly rubbing her nipples while she keeps on staring at him.

The new Indian boy turns his head in her direction and sees her beautifully curved hips as they touch the wood of the swing and smiles in a gesture of satisfaction. He then stands up and steps to her as his cock turns harder at the see of her big tits coming out of her cleavage and her rubbing her nipples even harder. As she sees his hard cock in front of her she takes his pants down in a fast haste and grabs it in her sweated hands sticking it and rubbing it to her nipple, wetting it with his sexy fluid.

He then turns her body around lifting her skirt and grabbing her ass and fingering her pussy harder and harder bringing her in doggy and sticking his cock hard inside her tight crack. She holds on to the swing with one hand and with the other she continues to stimulate her nipple with increasingly fast moves. With slow moves he wets her all around as she screams feeling his hard cock inside of her. Her body starts to shiver as doggy is her favorite position. He starts to penetrate her harder as he likes it when she screams and spanks his bowls to her pussy lips creating a sexy spanking noise that she loves.

Meanwhile he plays with her clitoris rubbing it wet which makes her scream even more as she gets his cock inside of her harder and harder. She rubs her hard nipples in a gesture of desperation as she comes close to Cuming and shouts at him out loud: “harder baby, hit me harder!” The only noise you can hear in the quiet of the night is the one of his bowls hitting her sticky pussy hard while his cock goes mad in and out her crack. Her shouting and screaming for shiver makes him turn to her ass where his cock enters the tight ass crack in the best anal position. She gets down putting her hands on the grass and bringing him to her doggy anal position so that he can penetrate harder. The Indian boy turns hornier and hornier at the contact with her ass which is so tight that his cock gets more and more strangled, which makes him make sudden gestures grabbing her ass harder and harder. His cock is about to explode as he does her in the ass harder and harder, the pressure is increasing as the horny girl gets hotter and tighter. He then cums all over her ass in a gesture of maximum pleasure filling her whole back with sperm that he rubbed all over her ass and pussy. As she feels his soft sperm inside and all over her she sighs in a last gesture of satisfaction and turns to him massaging his softened cock full of cum and still watching his eyes in the most insatiable way.



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