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Tuition teacher

February 15, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Incest

Here I’m narrating a story of my own. The first ever chance I got to enjoy sex with a mature woman at the age fourteen. The bliss and joy still reverberates in mind. My name is Manu, currently I’m employed in multinational company.

My first sexual intercourse with a mature lady occurred while I was studying in the 10th standard. I was poor in studies and my parents abused me each and every time I brought the progress report from the school after the examination. Once when the abusing was going on, the lady of the family named Swathi was at my home. She was a well educated lady married to person working in a company in Chennai. She got two kids a boy and a girl. Bothe they were studying at nearby school. She felt so sad and requested my parents that she will take tuition for me and help me in getting good marks in the forthcoming examination.

Then my tuition class started, every evening she took tuition for me on all subjects. While sitting in front of her, some sort of sexual mood started moving in my mind, which I with immense difficulty restricted. When my minds start wandering she pinches my ear and thighs to listen to her. One day I was too much aroused because, she was leaning towards to me watching the math’s work I was doing. Suddenly my eyes got struck in her pretty boob’s projecting above her night dress. I couldn’t withdraw the eyes form her boobs, because that was the first time I had the chance to see a mature ladies boobs close to my body.

My dick rose up like anything, it was visible through my pants. I made a big mistake in the math, she punished by pinching on my thighs. While pinching, her hands touched my erected penis. She felt it and looked at my face, I was very shy to look at her face. She understood that I was feeling horny. She then sat next to me and rested her boobs on my back which pricked my dick even harder. I lost control and touched her boobs .She didn’t say anything. That was green signal. Then I started pressing her both boobs.

She slowly pampered my erected dick, which gave a strange commotion still I remember. I pushed my hands inside her night dress to touch the boobs. Wow! What a feeling. My hands roamed inside her night dress caressing her body. She asked to take out my dick, I was shy to do it, and she herself took the dick out. It was so erected she suddenly took it with hand and kissed the dick stronger. I was on high. Then slowly she started shaking it. At the time my hands were inside her panties fingering her pussy. We both enjoyed masturbating each other. When I pushed my finger deep inside, she made some noise as though she is going to cum. She started shaking my cock so stronger and I got climaxed. I also satisfied her with my finger.

After that every day we satisfied each other with hand jobs, and one day it happened, she invited me to bed. That was the first time I was watching a mature women’s naked body. She taught me everything and guided to penetrate my dick inside her pussy and fuck her. At that age I was taught by her how to satisfy a woman, which I still use to seduce my girl friends.


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