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Sister fucked in brother’s marriage

October 5, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Incest

Dear friends, my name is Sheela and my age 19 and I am college student. I would like to share my first sex experience with you which I had in my brother’s marriage. My uncle’s son fucked me badly and gave me a pleasure penetration. It was my brother’s marriage and we all were happy and arranged 3-4 days function in a hotel as our home was small and could accommodate so many people. We had reached 4-5 days earlier to do necessary arrangements.

There was a guy who is my uncle’s son name was Sumit in our guest list. Uncle’s had shift to abroad when we were kid. I remembered, we used to play together and spent lot of time together but we were not in contact since they had shifted. I was very excited and eagerly waiting for him.

Uncle came and I was looking for Sumit; he was nowhere. I was greeting uncle and auntie and asking about him, suddenly I felt two hands on back and they pulled me in air. It was Sumit and he was doing same as used to do in our childhood. He was grown boy now and his arms and palms were very strong. He was a sports person in school and college and he body was wonderful. We both went to hotel room and talked a lot. In each and every function, I was tagged with him and trying to attract him toward me. I was also looking pretty and my boobs and hips were well in shape. Sumit was licking my body thru his eyes and his has touched and pressed my boobs, whenever he was getting opportunity.

I clearly got his intention and somehow I liked him but I was open to sex. I had seen few porn films and seem my nude body so many times in mirror and pressed my boobs and touched my pussy. But, I never did any kind of penetration as I was scared. One day, my mom gave some gifts to me asked to keep in store room. Everyone went to sleep and my mother also went in her room. I went to storeroom and did my work and as I turned back, I saw Sumit was standing smiling. He was in sando and short. I shocked and gave a slap on his chest and said, don’t scare me. He took my hands in his hands and pulled me towards him. He didn’t miss any shot and didn’t waste time; he kept his lips on my lips and started licking it. It was very hot, my whole body was moving in pleasure and I was supporting him. His hands were on my boobs and he was pressing it.

We both were forget to close the door, then Sumit ran and shut the door and started removing his clothes. He saw from top to toe and unbutton my shirt and then remove my pent. I was only in bra and panty and I was looking hot. We sat on floor and started kissing each other. His hand was moving on my body and pressing my boobs. Then, he removed my bra and panty and started licking my boobs and sucking my nipples. He was a good player and my body was shaking and my ass was moving in pleasure. He was on my top and sucking my nipples and he also started doing rubbing my clit with his one finger and gave his big dick in my hand. Rubbing my clit was like bomb on me. I was not able to control now and my pussy was getting wet. I caught his hand and said fuck me now. I cannot control anymore. He smiled and opened my legs and started rubbing his dick on my cunt and started pressing it inside.

He was just playing with my hole and making me comfortable for penetration.
Suddenly, I felt an iron rod in my pussy. He pushed his dick hard inside my pussy and I was about to shout and he kept his hand on my mouth and stopped me. Then, I whispered and I said, I m dying with pain. He held his pushes and started again when I felt relaxed. In few minutes, I got cum and he was also about to cum. In few hard and fast shots, he left all his cum inside my pussy. Our cum was all around on floor and we both were lying on each other body. It was great to fuck by him in my first sexual experience. He fucked me 6-7 times in 4 days whenever we got time. Now, he had left to his home. I really miss him.


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