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Playing Doctor Doctor with cousin [Part I]

June 15, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Incest


Hi, today I am going to present a story that happened to me with one of my cousin (Nita) who was studying in class IX and so was I. I was studying Bangalore  and my uncel’s daughter was also studying the same but in different school . I was staying in hostel and in the weekend I used to visit my uncle’s place.

My cousin was of 17 years and she was red hot. But at that time I was very introvert kind of guy. I never saw her before with some other intentions. I was always seen her like a sister. So one weekend I went there, I saw my uncle and aunt were about to leave some place. I asked then they said good that I came as both were going to some reception and will be coming late and Nita will be staying alone, so I can give her company. Nita was also very familiar with me and she was also happy that I was there. Then uncle and aunt left and asked us to lock the door.

After they left we were watching TV and just talking here and there. Then she said that she was getting bored and we should play something. I said what should we play, and then she said remember that when we were kid we use to play doctor doctor, we can play that same. I said then we were just kid how can we play now but she insisted and I also said ok. I had no bad intention until now. She then asked me to come in her bedroom and then she got some pen as injection and brought some scissors and clothes and bandages. She also got one old stethoscope that she used for some act in her school. Then she said first I will be patient and then she will become patient. I said ok but I said what should be my disease, she said you say u have stomach pain.

Then I said ok and she asked me to go out of the room and knock the room, I did the same and she called me in. she was wearing that stethoscope also. I came and sit on the chair and she asked me what happened. I said I was having stomach pain, she asked me lie down in the bed. I did the same then she came and asked me to lift the T-Shirt. I did the same and see put her hand on my stomach. Her hands were very soft and I first time felt some girls hand on my body. She pressed here and there and then put her stethoscope on my chest. After examining she said I have food poisoning and prescribed me a some medicine and one injection. She said turn around and I did the same, then he took the pen and poked the injection in my lower waist. That was giving me tickle as I am very sensitive in that area. Then she rubbed my waist for some time and said now you can go. Now she said my turn and went outside.

She knocked the door and I said come in. She came inside and sat on the chair. She was wearing a top and a skirt up to her knee. She said she is having pain in her stomach. I asked few question and asked her to lie down. She did the same and lied on her bed straight. This is the first time I was seeing her in this kind of pose. She was having good size breast and her complexion was very fair and her legs was exposing. I got confused what to do, and then she said come and check me. I went near the bed and said what your problem is. She said Doctor I am having pain and showed her stomach were the pain was. I was a bit hesitant to touch her but she again said why you are not checking.

Then said to myself it’s just a game and started pressing her stomach. I asked her where the pain is then she shown her left side, I was touching her stomach on her top. She then said lift my t shirt so that you can check me properly. I then lifted her t – shirt a bit and her bare waist was visible. She was real fair in complexion and her waist was real sleek, now something started to happen inside me. I then touched her bare waist and as soon I touched her I got a shock. She was so soft, and then I put my hand where she complained then said you are having food poison.

I was about to stand up then she said why you didn’t put stethoscope, now I was into a fix that how can I put the stethoscope on her chest but she again said. The I said ok and came close to her. Then I put two fingers on the stethoscope and put that on her chest, I was avoiding her breast intentionally and after some time I said you need a medicine and a injection also. The she asked me to give the injection and turned around, while turning around her skirt got bit up and some portion of her thigh was visible. Now I was feeling something else, my cock was getting harder. Then I took the pen and gave a injection to her waist. This time I didn’t lift her t-shirt. Then I rubbed her a bit and said you can go now.

Then she stood up and said we are having so much fun. She said we should continue the play. I was a bit reluctant to continue as I was feeling a bit guilty but she kept on insisting and I said ok. Then she said this time I will come again with the stomach pain and she will do a surgery. I went outside and knock the door. She said come in and she said to lie down. Then she said we need to operate on your stomach and she asked me to lift my t-shirt. I lifted a bit but she pulled that to my chest. She said she will need to make a big surgery. Then she brought some scissors and pen and clothes and started operating me. She also shifted my lower track a bit and she made a false cut from my naval cavity to the top. After some time she did something and said surgery is over and she asked me to turn around so that she can give injection. This time she gave the injection in my butt but over my track and rubbed my ass for some time. She was really now touching my private things and my cock was getting harder. Then she said you are done and now it’s her turn. She said that I also have to do the surgery.

She went outside and came in and lied down in the bed. I said we need to operate and she said ok. I asked her to lift her t-shirt and she lifted her t-shirt. She pulled it enough higher that I can see her bare skin almost to her base of the breast. She also then adjusted her skirt and pulled that I bit down so that her naval cavity can be seen. She was now turning the heat on me. I can see her bare waist up to her naval to almost up to her bra. My cock became rock solid and all my relational values went out of the window. Then I touched her naval cavity and she also gets bit of shock I think as she moved a bit. Then I started operating on her stomach. I made a cut from her naval cavity to her top part of the chest. My finger was touching her and she felt very soft to me. I was getting nervous but she was very cool. Then after some time touching her waist and her naval cavity I said I am done but have to give a injection. She again turned and this time her skirt lifted a bit more and I can see her thighs now. She was having real tight figure there. I put the injection on her butt and put my palm on her butt and started rubbing it. I did not believe that I was touching Nita’s ass with my hand. This time I felt guilty but started having some fun also. After some time I removed my hand from her ass and said you can go now.

Then she said this time I will have chest pain, so I went outside and came in and said I am having chest problem. Then she asked me to remove my shirt and lie down. I asked again that should I remove my shirt she said yes otherwise how she will take ECG. I said ok and removed my shirt and lied down. She came and put her hand on my chest and said she needs to do an ECG. Then she came up with some wire and tapes and started attaching the wire to my chest by those tapes. She put the taped directly on my nipple, I was a bit uncomfortable but also having a bit of fun. The she said put her stethoscope all over my bare chest and said I am ok. She said she needs to give a injection to me, so I turned around and this time she slides my track and gave injection on my bare ass. Then she put her palm on my ass and started rubbing. Now I was really getting excited. Then after rubbing for some time she said no my turn. I was bit confused how I will treat her is she says chest pain.

She came inside and said the same that she was having chest pain and I asked her to lie down. I came close to her said what should I do, she said take an ECG like she did. I said but you are a girl and how I can do that, then she said I am doctor and she is patient and doctor can do anything. Then I said ok then remove your top so that I can take a ECG, on that she said you don’t know anything. She said for female’s doctor gives a gown, so I said then go and change into a gown. She then went to the washroom and came outside wearing a real gown kind of top. Then she lied down and asks me to check her up. I put the stethoscope on her chest and found her breast was a bit loose. I pushed my stethoscope on her top breast and found that she removed her bra. Now I was losing my cool, a young girl lying in front of me without bra and asking me to check her.

I said I need to take ECG……..



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