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Mother and Son’s secrets

December 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Incest

Hi I’m Nerisa Basalo and I have interesting sex stories , read and enhance your imagination .

There was this mother who has an only child , a 15 years old boy , who really looks like his father . His father passed away a year ago and it was quite difficult for her mother. Since then , the mother was really depressed and drunk most of the time . She goes out with friends all the time , keeps on wearing sexy outfits , the mother transformed into a new personality. In fact she looks younger .

One time , the mother was taking shower , bare naked , the son opens the bathroom , he saw his mother playing her nipples with one hand and the other hand playing her clit , she was horny that time and didn’t see her son watching her . The boy erected his penis and he started to masturbate , then the mother was surprised seeing his son but she focused on the boy’s private stuff , it was so big as she never imagined , she was so horny that he kneeled in front of the boy , removed his hands , she sucked his penis , the boy murmured , the mother licked the tip then the end , she goes sucking up and down , the mother asked the boy to go to her room then , they started .
The mother layed on bed , she mashed her breasts and opened her legs wide , she called on the boy , the boy licked her clit , played it with his fingers , while the other hand was rubbing her breasts , playing with her nipples . Then the mother stopped the boy , pushed the boy on the bed , she licked again the penis , and she sucked it in minutes she stopped , she goes on top of the boy , she let the boy eat her vagina , he licked it while , he sucks the boy’s penis , rubbed it from top to bottom , they felt great.

The boy explode in her mouth , she swallowed , it gave so much sensation on the boy that , she layed her mother down on bed. He kissed her neck while rubbing her breasts, the mother was rubbing his penis at the same time . His penis got hard , he then placed his penis inside of his mother’s vagina then he pumped slowly then , fast then faster . He keeps on pumping on top of her mother , as he raged inside of her mother . They got tired , it was an interesting sex , sex with someone you can never imagined .

From then on when they feel like doing sex , they fucked their own blood for lust . Sex with body over mind . Sex defeated conscience , or should I say sex rules . Fucking would be great isn’t it ?


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